Wednesday, March 4, 2015

An Intro to MamaBear BabyWear

MamaBear BabyWear was born in 2006. I am committed to making affordable, sustainable baby and mother care products, especially for cloth diapering. I make as many of my products one-size as possible, providing you the best long-term investment and value for your money.
I am happy to be one of the top sellers of One Size Wool Diaper covers in the world! I'm also one of the only people offering conversions of your used prefold diapers to one-size training pants!
You'll also find a number of other cloth diapering products and mother care products such as:
  • Waterproof Diaper Covers
  • T-shirt Diapers
  • Swim Diapers
  • Hybrid Prefold/Fitted Diapers
  • One Size Training Pants
  • Cloth Menstrual Products
  • Incontinence Care
  • and more
I back all of my items with a satisfaction guarantee, personal customer support, and detailed care and use instructions.

About Me:

My name is Amy and I am currently a full-time mom, a homeschool teacher, a Counselor who works with troubled teens and young families, a hobby farmer, and a seamstress.
My counseling specialty is in working with young families to promote Attachment Parenting and with juveniles to heal attachment-related issues. I am in the process of cutting back significantly on my counseling practice to spend more time at home with my children; Celeste (6) and Ethan (2).

I have been sewing since my grandma taught me how to in the 4th grade. Not only do I make MamaBear products to help support my family, all my products also promote the principles of parenting I feel are important. I use the same items on myself and my children that I make for you and your BabyBear.

In April, 2011, my husband was killed in a car accident. Since that time my sewing products have become a vital means of allowing me to stay home with my children and still make ends meet as we work to rebuild our lives.

Opening a Blog

Okay, so today I am leaping feet first into blogging. Why? Mostly because I need a place to host some of my fabulous photos as a shop owner, truth-be-told. But also because there are some really important things happening in the world of cloth diapering and reusable cloth products and I am fortunate enough to have jumped in on the leading edge of that wagon and I'm riding it to wherever it leads!