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The MamaBear BabyWear

Want to try cloth but having a hard time swallowing the expense involved in buying a whole stash of tons of different diapers, covers, sizes, and options?  Don't write it off! All you need is ONE COVER and some stuff you already have around the house to get started!

Try this:

Buy 1 MamaBear One Size Fits All Wool wrap or waterproof Diaper Cover.

Use it on your BabyBear instead of a disposable in the morning. You don't even need a diaper, just lay a folded soft towel (yes that is a stained up dish towel from my kitchen, lol), t-shirt, or other absorbent cotton material in the middle and snap or velcro it on. I've even used a pair of men's socks in a pinch early on!

Change as usual with a disposable next. Throw the soiled toweling in the wash (rinse off or shake off any solids in the toilet first). Wash and rinse the cover by hand (you can skip this part for a wool wrap that is only damp). Hang the cover to dry. By evening you can use your cover again!


 By replacing just 2 disposable diapers a day you are saving approximately $3.50 - $5.00 / week depending on what disposables you use. That's enough to buy another cover in just a couple of weeks! 

With 2 covers you can replace 4 disposables a day saving $7-10 a week, enough to buy another cover in a week or two!

With 3 covers you can almost completely replace the disposables by washing and rotating drying and just filling in with disposables when a cover isn't dry yet!


PUL Waterproof Covers
A good number to shoot for is 10-12 covers (6-8 wool). This allows you to accumulate enough soaker materials and covers (remember wool shouldn't be machine washed and doesn't need to be washed every time anyway) to do a load of diapering materials every other day, completely eliminating the need for disposables! 

Wool Covers

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