Wednesday, September 9, 2015

BabyWearing in a Ring Sling

To get started you will need to put the ring sling on. You do this by laying the rings over the shoulder of your choice. Tuck tail up through both rings, then bring back down through top ring only (think of this like one of those 1980’s belts with the two D rings).

This should leave you with a tail (mine is short in this picture) with which you can loosen (by lifting up the top ring slightly while pulling on pouch) or tighten (by pulling on tail). You will have a pouch of fabric at the side opposite the shoulder where the rings are. 

Your child will sit up (shown at right) or lay down (cradle carry shown below) in the pouch of fabric either on your front, slid down to your hip, or slid all the way around to your back (carefully and only in sitting position, NOT in cradle carry). For older children their legs may stick out beneath the pouch and the fabric may be pulled up to below their shoulders so their arms can be free to move. For newborns and babies who do not yet have good head control they should either be laying down in a cradle carry (shown at right) or have their legs “frogged” up in the fabric (folded as if they were sitting) and the back of the fabric up over their head for support. 

!!!IMPORTANT!!! When carrying a newborn in the cradle carry you MUST make sure his/her chin is not resting on their chest!! This can restrict breathing and your little one's neck is not strong enough to allow him or her to move to clear their own airway. 

You can tighten or loosen the top edge and bottom edge independently for the most comfortable fit and support by pulling on the corresponding tail edge. 

 A Few Carries Possible with the MamaBear Ring Sling 

Cradle Carry: Great for nursing! Good for newborns, this carry provides full body support and keeps the entire body pressed against you. You can modify it slightly by moving your little one to the non-ring side, such as in a "football" hold for nursing. Please be sure your little one's airway is clear and that his/her chin is not resting on his or her chest. 

Carry Baby In Front: Arms, feet, and even head can be in our out depending on baby’s age, ability to self-support, and for naptimes in the sling. You can raise or lower the sling to get the most comfortable position for you and your little one. This is a great carry for dads thanks to their flatter chests and higher center of gravity. 

Carry Baby on Hip: Great for older and/or heavier babies and nursing. Use the sling “tail” as a cover for discreet nursing or sun/rain protection. This helps to distribute some of your little one's weight on your hips, providing relief to shoulders. Think of it as the "hands free" way to carry your baby. 

Carry Baby on Back: Ring slings provide one of the easiest ways to get baby on your back by yourself and carry him or her there securely! Just swing from a front position, through hip and around to back. Pull tail to tighten securely. I loved doing this with my little babybear even when she was very small. 

Any way that you can “wear your baby” safely is the “right” way!

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