Thursday, August 20, 2015

Today's Homeschool Project - Decorated Canvas Shoes

Today Ethan was staying at grandma's house making it a perfect day for a special project with Celeste! (I find that 5 year old boys don't really have the patience for intensive artwork, lol). 

So today we decorated our own plain white (read: "cheap") canvas shoes with permanent marker (and glitter). 

I'd seen these pop up on Pinterest and other places on the web and thought it would be a great project if we ever had some big kid time (okay, so I'm really just a big kid too). I mean we had to do something with the HUGE pack of awesome permanent markers we got on sale at the beginning of the school year - we were just dying to play with them!

What fun! Very easy to do, even with little kiddos so I thought I'd share. We used Mod Podge (the miracle adhesive/sealant/craft glue) to affix the glitter. Celeste created the tie-dye blended effect on her shoes by coloring spots with a Permanent marker and then "bleeding" them by dropping rubbing alcohol onto the dots and rubbing them lightly. 

Of course there are TONS of Pinterest and other examples on the web too for ideas! I used a couple of different Dover coloring books for inspiration and Celeste stuck with her current love of rainbows, sparkles, and all thing bright and beautiful.


  1. I love the floral pattern!! I would never have enough skill to do anything that comes out this neat though. It is a fun project to do for Art for homeschooling though. We'll probably try it with T-shirts or something soon. Thanks for the idea!

  2. I plan to home school my daughter this sounds like a fun activity for the future! She's only 12 months now.

  3. So cool! I can never come up with cool art projects.

  4. So cool! I can never come up with cool art projects.

  5. Cool! I wonder if these hold up if they get wet, though?

  6. We've worn these several times now, including a good drenching through a thunderstorm. Still going strong. :o)